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HVACR Category Flat Rate Price Guide

How Does The Category Flat Rate Pricing System Work?

We figured the best way to answer that question would be to show you the simple instructions....


The Category Flat Rate Pricing System allows you to create and print your own customized flat rate price guide.

Open the Microsoft Word document on the CD.

Left click with your mouse next to the $ sign and type in the appropriate category rate. Example: Your Category One rate may be $55, your Category Two rate may be $85 and your Category Three rate may be $105.

Left click with your mouse to place the cursor in a box.

Type in the job description you want to appear in the box.

The document template contains several pages for each category price listing you will determine. You may not use all the pages in the template if you can list all the jobs you do in one or two pages. Print only the pages you to which you have added information.

To understand how to calculate your cost of doing business in order to arrive at an hourly rate for your service work, review the "Understanding Your Cost Of Doing Business and Determining Your Category Pricing" file that is included on the CD.

Once you have completed your category price listings at the top of each page and entered the jobs you have determined are under each category, print these pages.

To use the Category Flat Rate Pricing System as a presentation tool while explaining your charges to your customer, slide the printed pages into a document protector (be sure to use a document protector that is totally clear so the pages will be easy to read) and insert the document protectors into a three-ring binder. Choosing a display type three-ring binder will allow you to insert a cover page showing your letterhead stationary.

To implement the Category Flat Rate Pricing System:

Advise customers when they call for service and to inquire about pricing that you use a Service Call and Diagnostic Fee system.

Script Suggestion: "Our service call and diagnostic fee is $_____. Once the technician has determined what repairs are necessary, he (or she) will be able to advise you what it will cost to repair your ________."

Using the Category Flat Rate Pricing System In the Field:

Once the diagnosis has been accomplished, look up the specific job to be completed and show the customer the labor price for it.

Determine the cost of parts.

Add up the following costs to provide a total cost estimate:

Total the job price. If the customer elects not to go ahead with the repair, collect only your service call and diagnostic fee.

Features Of The HVACR Category Flat Rate Guide

Category One pricing is for the simplest jobs, Category Two for more difficult jobs, Category Three for the next level of job, and the system uses a Category Four price for sealed system repairs on applicable equipment.

Equipment Listings Include: Gas Furnaces, Electric Furnaces, Package Unit and Split System A/C's, Heat Pumps, Walk-in Coolers and Freezers, Ice Machines, and Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers


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