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E-Book: Refrigeration Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians

This 100-page, information-packed technician handbook focuses first on the fundamentals of heat transfer, then moves on to discussing refrigeration system components, accessing sealed systems, evaluation and troubleshooting. Information on studying for the EPA Refrigerant Recovery Certification Exam is also included, along with sample questions and an answer key. Extensive use of graphics and simple explanations from a nuts and bolts perspective eliminate the mysteries behind vapor compression refrigeration systems.

The Laws of Thermodynamics...Sensible and Latent Heat...Refrigeration System Components...Fixed Bore Metering Devices and Expansion Valves...Refrigeration System Accessories...Using Gauges and Temperature Pressure Charts To Evaluate A System...Refrigerant Recovery Procedures...Evacuating and Dehydrating A System...EPA Refrigerant Recovery Guidelines...

A Terrific HVACR Training Book For Technician Self-Study

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