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DVD Video - Troubleshooting & Servicing Electric Furnaces

In this 90-minute video presentation, well-known author and instructor Jim Johnson covers the overall operation, troubleshooting, servicing, and parts replacement procedures for forced air electric furnaces. This same equipment is often used as an air handler with supplement heat in heat pump systems, so this program is also a good companion to the DVD, "Uncomplicating The Heat Pump: Electrical Systems Troubleshooting."

The accompanying self-print CD includes an interactive resource guide and quiz questions.


This video training program begins with a focus on understanding how voltage drop can affect the operation of an electric furnace, and how to check the electrical supply system and circuit breakers to ensure that the unit is getting proper power supply.

Troubleshooting and component test procedures in this program include...

...heating elements

...sequencers, fusible links, thermostats & heat anticipators

...blower motors, blower motor controls & transformers

This program also covers procedures for using schematics to troubleshoot and isolate a problem, using digital test equipment to evaluate the operation of the furnace or heat pump air handler.

Additional information in this program includes determining air flow in an electric furnace through taking temperature and electrical measurements and using sensible heat and power formulas, and a practical application of Ohm's Law in when troubleshooting and servicing heating elements.


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