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Training Services  

All Elite Software programs can be learned without formal training. We've included a tutorial chapter (#3 in our manuals) designed to aid you in learning our software. However, depending on your background and the complexity of the programs you want to learn, training can be an invaluable aid to quickly becoming an efficient and productive user of the software.

There are numerous training options available. The most cost effective training options involve training companies that have offices near you or that travel frequently to your area. Shown below is a schedule of upcoming training events around the country. More are being posted all the time, so check frequently for an updated list.

In addition to the posted schedule, the companies listed below also offer custom training services where they travel to you or you travel to them. Many of the companies listed below offer training not only on Elite Software computer programs, but on many other hvac related topics as well. Be sure to click on the logos of the training companies so that you can visit their web sites and learn more of what they offer.

Training for the Trades

  • Offering Education Courses for the HVAC/R Industry
  • Based in Kentucky, servicing on-site and on-line via the Internet.
  • Branch offices in Wilmington, North Carolina, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Phone: 859-468-6000
  • Contact: John Walsh, Elite Software's National Sales Manager and National Trainer
    Current Rhvac users can call John at 859-468-6000 for free Rhvac tech support available 24/7. Prospective software buyers can call John for a free 15 minute software training tour. John also provides on-site training and on-line web classes for very reasonable fees. Call for details or visit this webpage for TFTT's training schedule.
  • Author of Hit the Load J and Now Thatís a Plan
  • John is a NATE provider of continuous education. One such course is Training on computerized heat load method number 1117-0004. John also has approval for Continuous Education Units in many states. For example, approved by the State of Texas for a classroom on Rhvac (#4590). Another example: Florida CEU #0009130 "Computerized Residential HVAC Load Calculation." More CEU's for other states and other topics too numerous to list.

  • See some past on-site classroom pictures here: front and back. Call John for details on registering for classes.

Berry Smith, Owner and Classroom Instructor
Joe Navarra,

Thank You
from Central
Jersey Code


HVACR Comfort Pro, LLC

Offering New Style of Training Classes
GoToMeetings & Webinars, in the Comfort of Your Home or Office

  • Your Master HVACR Contractor
  • Teaching the fundamentals of a good HVAC system design
  • Training on Manual J, D and S
  • More than 40 years experience in the industry
  • Master HVACR Contractor’s License in New Jersey
  • School of Hard Knocks, Learning Every Day
  • 40 years in the business
  • 1980 – Honorable Discharge From the U.S. Navy as a Storekeeper
  • 5 Years – Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer
  • 2008 and 2010 – Carrier President Award
  • 2010 – ACI Award From New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, New Jersey Clean Energy Program, and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
  • 2015 – Cornerstone Award From Shore Builders Association (SBA)
  • 2016 – Associate of the First Quarter Award for the New Jersey Builders Association (NJBA)
  • Performance with Energy Star Award: Exemplary Commitment to Assisted Home Performance
  • 2010 Century Club Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Board Member of EHCC – Eastern Heating & Cooling Council
  • ACCA Member for North & South Chapter
  • Contact Joe Navarra, owner and instructor
  • Phone: 848-992-7392

Choosing the right equipment size and type is crucial for you to meet a client’s heating and cooling needs. That is why you should partner with someone who is an expert in HVACR design and proficient in the Manual J, S, and D standards. Trust none other than HVACR Comfort Pro, LLC in Toms River, NJ. Using my expertise in load calculation, equipment selection, and duct design, I can help you determine the appropriate systems to install.

Upcoming Classes by HVACR Comfort Pro

January 2021 Training Class

February 2021 Training Class


  • Indoor Environmental Consultants
  • Based in Florida
  • Phone: (941) 488-1700
  • Contact: Dennis J Stroer

Tradewinds Appropriate Technologies

Pro-Trac, Inc.

  • Professional Training, Consulting, and Continuing Education
  • Based in Florida
  • Phone: 386-290-3450
  • Contact: Len Gaspary

Jeff Henning

Mechanical Systems Design & Consulting Inc. (MSDC)

  • Advanced classes in ACCA Manuals J, S and D through interactive use of Elite's Rhvac program.
  • All classes are scheduled on an as needed basis through SCE ESQI program. Currently, classes only available to SCE ESQI program participating contractors.
  • Phone: 951-698-2989
  • Contact: Jeff Henning
  • California licensed C-20 mechanical contractor directly associated with all aspects of residential new, service & retrofit design and installation for over 35 years.
  • Current member of P.A.S.C. & ACCA.
  • Former COB and technical director of the California subchapter of the ACCA (CALACCA).
  • Currently sits on the ACCA West Coast Advisory committee.
  • Current ACCA representative and sub committee chair for the Uniform Mechanical Code (IAPMO).
  • Subcommittee chair for the “Western HVAC Performance Alliance,” residential QI.
  • Certified ACCA EPIC Residential HVAC Instructor.
  • Provides consulting, design review and ACCA Manuals J, S & D instruction and training for the Southern California Edison Energy Star Quality Installation Verification Rebate Program (QI 5).
  • Provides heating & air conditioning CMC code compliant ACCA design, consulting and diagnostic testing to large and small residential building & HVAC contractors in the Southern California region.
  • Not currently doing HVAC installation.

McWatters Software Consulting

  • Ken McWatters, owner
  • Former software developer for the Elite Software Fire program
  • Professional Engineer in State of Oklahoma
  • Offering web based training for the Elite Software Fire, S-Pipe, and D-Pipe software
  • Ph: 918-671-5440






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