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H-Sym - Chilled and Hot Water Pipe Analysis

Setting the Highest Standard

H-Sym sets the highest standard in the world of chilled and hot water piping programs. By giving you the ability to perform both a hydraulic and thermal analysis, the full version of H-Sym gives you something no other program of its kind can give you. Download the demonstration version today and see why H-Sym is unparalleled in its field.



The Elite Software H-Sym program analyzes centralized HVAC piping systems that use chilled and/or hot water. In the simulation of HVAC water piping systems, H-Sym can determine pressure losses, actual operating pressures, temperatures of air and water, flow rates, and obtainable unit loads throughout the system. Complex systems containing all types and sizes of pipe, insulation, boilers, chillers, pumps, coils, heat exchangers, two and three way control valves, water temperature control valves, radiators, and insulation can be defined. Pipes can be entered with sizes or H-Sym can size them for you.

H-Sym provides a cost effective way to obtain a steady state analysis of an existing or a proposed system. With H-Sym a designer can investigate a myriad of design alternatives in search of an optimal design that provides low cost and reliable performance. Besides sophisticated simulation techniques, H-Sym also provides many mundane but useful features such as automatic adjustment of coil CFM values for altitude, calculation of effective coil UA values direct from manufacturer's catalog data, and the ability to automatically "look up" the equivalent length of all types of fittings.

H-Sym can be obtained in a low cost hydraulic only version that ignores air and water temperature settings or it can be obtained in its full form with complete hydraulic and thermal analysis. The ability to perform both a hydraulic and thermal analysis is what sets the full version of H-Sym apart from its competitors. Both versions of H-Sym provide comprehensive input and output reports. Output reports show not only calculated results, but also all input data used in the results computations. H-Sym calculates extremely fast and performs extensive error checking of the pipe network system.

Calculation Method

H-Sym uses a unique sparse matrix technique for solving pipe network simulation problems. Most of the modeling algorithms used in H-Sym are based on ASHRAE sponsored research work performed by the University of Illinois.

Program Input

H-Sym is a true Windows program complete with toolbars and hyperlinked help. All data is checked at the time of entry so that no improper data can be entered. Three major types of data are requested: General Project Data, Detailed Pipe Data, and Equipment Data. The general project data includes the date, project location, client, designer, and project names, the altitude, pipe material data, and more. The detailed pipe data includes the pipe begining and ending node numbers, diameters, lengths, fitting information, insulation values if any, and indication of what equipment the pipes connect to. The equipment data involves the entry of any boilers, chillers, pumps, coils, heat exchangers, radiators, loop valves, water temperature control valves, and other valves. Each equipment item also has certain details that must be entered. Boilers and chillers require temperature set points and capcity ratings. Pumps require that at least four data points from the pump performance curve be entered. Valves and coils require manufacturer design data to be entered concerning design water and air flow, and entering and leaving water remperatures. Load data must also be entered for coils, radiators, and heat exchangers.

Program Output

H-Sym provides four basic output reports: pipe input data, equipment input data, pipe output data, and equipment output data. The pipe input data report lists all the detailed pipe data (material type, diameter, length, fittings, etc.) entered for the pipe network. The equipment input data report lists all the detailed information concerning each equipment item (chillers, boilers, coils, radiators, heat exchangers, pumps, etc.) specified in the system. The pipe output data report lists the flow, velocity, pipe sizes, inlet water temperature, inlet and outlet water pressures, pressure losses, and any equipment for each pipe section. The equipment output data report lists all operating conditions for each equipment item. Chillers and boilers are shown with setpoints and design capacity versus actual load. Cooling coils and radiators are shown with water flow, air flow quantities, entering and leaving air temperatures, actual load, and check valve flow quantities. Options are provided for specifying the starting page number and left hand margin.

Two Versions Available

H-Sym can be purchased in two forms: hydraulic only, and full with heat transfer. The full version of H-Sym costs $999, and it provides full system analysis including temperature inputs and calculated output temperatures and equipment loads. The hydraulic only version of the program costs $499, and it provides the same analysis but without temperature inputs, no temperature outputs and no load analysis. Both versions provide the ability to model a complete hot and chilled water system.

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Project Explorer and Equipment Help Windows


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