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IAQ Tools - Indoor Air Quality Tools

Breathe a Little Easier

Equipped to handle calculations for more than 30 different contaminants, you can eliminate "sick building" problems with IAQ Tools. Download the demonstration version today and see how IAQ Tools can help you to solve indoor air quality problems.



Use IAQ Tools to solve "sick building" problems. IAQ Tools solves problems concerning a wide variety of airborne contaminants, ventilation design, filter design and selection, design for contaminant source control, tracer gas calculations, air quality unit conversions, and many others. IAQ Tools has a variety of calculation options. Do you have the ventilation rate but need to know the contaminant concentration? Or vice versa? IAQ Tools has flexible calculation options that solve questions for ventilation rates, contaminant concentrations, or contaminant generation rates (steady state model).

IAQ Tools performs calculations for more than 30 different contaminants, including a wide variety of gases, airborne solid contaminants, bioaerosols, and tracer gases. Here are some of the contaminants:

IAQ Tools is intended to be a practical tool for everyday use by engineers, industrial hygienists, building scientists, architects, indoor air quality contractors, and other air quality specialists. As the demand for improved indoor air quality grows, there is a need for practical analysis tools to assist in evaluation and design. IAQ Tools is intended to provide a collection of such tools in a single, integrated software approach.

The kinds of questions which IAQ Tools can help answer include:

Description of Features

Here are some more in-depth descriptions of the features included.

Demonstration Limits

The demo version is fully functioning, but contain only four contaminants: Carbon dioxide, ammonia, radon and asbestos.

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