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New Features in Rhvac Version 10  

Rhvac version 10 can be installed on the same computer as version 9, and will not interfere with version 9 at all. There is no problem in having both version 9 and version 10 on your computer at the same time. If you already have a license for version 9, see the upgrade pricing schedule. You may also want to check out the recent history page for version 10 .

Download the demo for version 10 here.

Version 10 includes the following powerful new features that were not in version 9.

  • Added the ACCA Form 310 window and report.

  • Added new SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2 inputs, which are shown on reports if used.

  • Added the ability to have negative overhang offsets, for those cases where there is an overhang that slopes down.

  • Added the ability to export to EnergyPro version 9.

  • Added a metal wall category added to frame walls on Wall Material window, with 4 new metal wall materials.

  • Added a "Show Flow" property for MDD trunks, which adds the airflow through the trunk to its text.

  • Improved the appearance of a few of the dropdown help lists.

  • Compatible with Drawing Board for Rhvac, Version 2, only. The new DB Version 2 has been improved to create engineering quality drawings with curved fittings and more symbols such as for an air handler, mini-split head, and more.

  • Reads in Rhvac version 6 through version 9 project files so you can access your old projects.

ACCA Form 310 Window

This is a report that documents the quality of an HVAC design and installation. Many jurisdictions now require this Form 310 report. Rhvac 10 can save you many hours on generating the Form 310 report. See more about this report here.

SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2

HVAC equipment inputs in Rhvac 10 now include these three new rating values. Rhvac 10 provides for the entry of these values for any equipment specified in the software. See more on selecting equipment data here.

Negative Overhang Offset

Some windows have awnings that extend down the window from the top. Rhvac 10 allows the overhang offset to be set as a negative value to account for that.

Metal Walls with Spray Foam

Many new homes, such as "barndominiums," use light gauge steel framing with R-panel metal sheathing. Rhvac 10 has new metal wall selections for this situation.

"Show Flow" Trunk Property

Many jurisdictions now want to see the CFM flow rate on every duct in a duct system. Rhvac 10 now provides this option.


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