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In-Place Editing Makes it Easy

Our new Bill of Materials program gives you easy in-place editing of every part in your bill of materials list for the current project. So all you have to do is click directly on the price, quantity, part number, or whatever it is you want to change, type in the new value, press Enter, and you're done. By default, the prices you enter for each part in the current project are recorded in your database behind the scenes so they will already be right for your next project.



You must have active licenses for both Rhvac and Bill of Materials in order to go beyond the demo limits. For the full capabilities of the automatic ductwork takeoff feature, you must also have active licenses for Drawing Board and Graphic Manual D Ductsize.


Bill of Materials lets you create and fully customize any kind of bill of materials report you want, but its most attractive feature to the HVAC contractor is the automatic ductwork takeoff that it does from ducts you draw using the Graphic Manual D Ductsize program. It gives you complete control over all aspects of the bill of materials appearance, where you can choose a layout that shows only certain columns of data and turns off all the rest. You can select which colors to use, how to group the parts, etc., and can save your custom layout options for use in future projects.

Program Input

If you draw your ductwork with Graphic Manual D Ductsize, when you open the Bill of Materials window it will already be filled out with all the ducts, fittings and registers already filled in, including costs and prices defined in the Automatic Ductwork Pricing feature. Then all you have to do is edit any of the cost and price data that you want to change for individual parts (in-place in the grid), and add any additional parts you want to include. You can select your additional parts from your user-defined database of parts or you can enter a one-time part for the current bill of materials without having to enter it in the database.

Program Output

The Bill of Materials grid shows you the extended costs and prices for each item, sub-totals for each section, and a grand total. You can also print out a Bill of Materials report that can have a layout that is different from the layout you use for the Bill of Materials window's grid. For example, in the grid you might turn on the columns that show your costs, but in the printed report only show the columns that show your sale prices.


Main Bill of Materials Window:


Bill of Materials Layout Dialog:


The Automatic Ductwork Pricing dialog lets you set the prices of ducts and fittings that might not already be in your database:


The Go To Source Object Menu:



















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