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Fire Protection CAD Details

Building a Stronger Foundation

The consistent quality of your details sheets, job after job, can speak volumes about who you are as an engineer. Our Fire Protection CAD Details package can help broaden the foundation from which you assemble your design drawings, and give you the edge that will set you apart from your competitors.




Fire Protection Details are the most complete set of CAD fire protection details available on the market today. Unlike other CAD packages which have only details, Fire Protection Details includes standardized schedules, notes and symbols. Therefore, with this set of details, the fire protection engineer has a strong foundation from which to assemble his design drawings. These ready-to-use fire protection CAD details are an excellent addition to your CAD drawings library and will save you many hours in drawing time.

Our Fire Protection CAD Detail files are .dwg files and are fully editable - they are also supported by most CAD programs on the market today.

Fire Protection Details are not intended to be the sole source of information relied upon for the design of fire sprinkler systems, but an aid. In preparing design drawings, the engineer's judgment and experience should be the basis on which all decisions are made.

Drawing Titles


The following list shows the actual 151 CAD Detail Files included in the package.


Section 1.0 - Sprinkler Equipment and Associated Details

Alarm check valve detail

Dry valve detail

Dry pipe assembly detail

Fire department connection detail

Incoming fire service elevation

Typical floor control valve detail

Single interlocked preaction sprinkler system

Wet and dry valve detail

Hydraulic system sign detail

Detail - wet alarm valve and trimmings

New sprinkler system riser addition to existing

Limited area sprinkler system riser detail

Fire/domestic water riser diagram - limited area sprinkler system

Fire pump piping schematic

Wet pipe system riser detail

Preaction alarm valve detail

Sprinkler system riser diagram - two alarm check valves

Sprinkler system riser diagram - dry valve and two alarm check valves

Sprinkler system riser diagram - two dry valves

Sprinkler system riser diagram - three alarm check valves

Sprinkler system riser diagram - three dry valves

Detail of antifreeze loop

Detail of antifreeze loop

Sprinkler system riser diagram - one alarm check valve

Sprinkler system riser diagram - alarm check valve & hose rack riser

Sprinkler system riser diagram -alarm check valve & dry valve

Sprinkler system riser diagram - dry valve

Sprinkler system riser diagram - dry valve and hose rack riser

Floor control valve detail

Floor control valve with fire dept. Valve detail

Hydraulic - system sign detail

Sprinkler system riser diagram - wet and dry valve

Sprinkler system riser diagram - wet and dry valve

Dry valve detail from wet supply main

Hydraulic design information sign

Fire department connection

Fire hose station detail

Deluge system

Identification sign

Typical fire pump controller and transfer switch arrangements

Typical power supply arrangements from source to motor

Typical foam pump piping details

Vertical fire pump detail - below grade discharge arrangement

Vertical shaft turbine-type pump installation in well

Vertical shaft turbine-type pump installation in a wet pit

Horizontal split-case fire pump installation with water supply under a positive head

Connection for domestic water detail

Fire department yard connection to a system with one or multiple risers

Fire department connection to a dry-pipe sprinkler system having a single riser

Alternate fire department connections to systems having two or more risers


Section 2.0 - Piping Details

Wall bracket pipe hanger detail Beam pipe hanger Standard c-clamp pipe hanger
"u" type pipe hanger Clip pipe hanger Pipe riser clamp detail
Stud type pipe hanger Lag end pipe hanger Concrete pipe hanger
Eye rod pipe hanger Dry sprinkler auxiliary drain detail Incoming water supply support detail
Typical sprinkler head relocation Seismic restraint components (typical Applications) Inspector's test connection
Sprinkler head detail Typical sprinkler head relocation Waterflow indicator assembly detail
Sprinkler head installation detail Dry sprinkler system - typical attic and upper floor head relocation Detail of sprinkler branch piping modification
System test connection detail Dry inspector's test connection Sprinkler head in laundry chute detail
Pipe riser support detail Pipe sleeve through floor detail Exterior wall sleeve detail
Pipe sleeve through wall detail Curb box detail Pipe support and seismic restraint detail - horizontal piping
Pipe support with seismic restraint detail Thrust block detail Pipe trench detail
Typical sprinkler relocation for temporary protection of open ceiling construction period Placement of sidewall sprinkler adjacent to an end wall Installation of sidewall sprinkler along a soffit
Detail of dry sprinklers protecting platforms and loading docks Drain connection for system riser Acceptable hangers for end of line pendent sprinklers
Bearing thrust block detail ravity thrust block detail Typical connection to a fire protection system riser
Refrigerator area sprinkler system detail Multipurpose piping system schematic - preferable arrangement Multipurpose piping system schematic - acceptable arrangement with valve supervision
Dual fire pump water supply detail Water supply with fire pump backup detail Sprinkler on riser nipple from branch line in lower fire area
Arrangements of branch lines supplying sprinklers above, in between, and below ceilings Antifreeze solution arrangement of supply piping and valves Typical city water pit - valve arrangement
Hydrant detail Piping arrangement of air exhaust valves for combined dry pipe & preaction sprinkler system Seismic bracing - riser details
Seismic bracing - short riser detail Water supply connection with test connection detail Acceptable types of sway bracing
Air supply to dry pipe valve from shop air system detail Piping connection for pressure - sensing line detail Piping connection detail for each automatic pressure switch (for fire pump and jockey pump)
Detail of four-way brace at riser Drain connection for sprinkler riser  

Section 3.0 - Sprinkler Schedules

Rooftop packaged heat pump unit schedule

Rooftop air conditioning unit schedule

Rooftop air handling unit schedule

Sprinkler head schedule

General sprinkler system data

Sprinkler calculation cover sheet

Sprinkler hydraulic calculations

Sprinkler design criteria

Flow test data

Pipe and fitting summary

Sprinkler summary

Hydraulic design information

Seismic bracing calculations

Calculation sheet – NFPA 13d


Section 4.0 - Symbols

Sprinkler symbols legend

Fire protection symbols

General symbols

Reference symbols

Riser designations

Fire protection symbols

Fire protection legend

Sprinkler symbols


Section 5.0 - Notes

Sprinkler system notes

Limited area sprinkler system notes

Underground water service piping specification

Sprinkler note

Equipment list

Fire protection notes

Fire protection - scope of work

Dry sprinkler system notes

Sprinkler system notes

General notes 



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