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This issue of Elite Software’s NEWS & NOTES discusses many new programs and updates. We are pleased to announce the official release of new Windows versions of our highly popular programs, RHVAC and AUDIT.

RHVAC 6.00 is the first residential and light commercial loads calculation program based on ACCA’s Manual J to run under Windows. RHVAC 6.00 accurately calculates peak heating and cooling loads for residential and small commercial buildings. RHVAC 6.00 can automatically accept all information from the new ARI and GAMA vast computerized HVAC equipment databases. New features include colorful and attractive graphic reports which show total building loss and heat gain loads in easy-to-understand pie charts and bar graphs.

RHVAC 6.00 is also fully compatible with Elite’s residential energy analysis program, AUDIT 6.02 for Windows. AUDIT calculates monthly and annual heating and cooling costs for residential and light commercial buildings. Like RHVAC, this new Windows version offers productivity gains as it is visually intuitive, permits simultaneous operation of multiple programs and allows the exchange of data between programs.

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More News Coming

ECOORD version 2.02 is now available. ECOORD aids in the selective coordination of circuit breakers and fuses by providing an instantaneous review of the time-current curves in a proposed electrical protection system. This is a major update that contains many new enhancements. A new user manual is supplied. All of ECOORD 2.02’s new features are explained on pages 11 and 12.

OUTPOINT has replaced our FLUDWARE program and offers many improved features and entirely new capabilities while INPOINT is brand new. The INPOINT and OUTPOINT programs are designed to quickly calculate light levels on uniform grid points in both vertical and horizontal planes.

OUTPOINT is designed for outdoor lighting applications using a gridded area containing up to 8,100 points. It is ideal for sports fields, stadiums, parking lots, and roadway lighting. INPOINT is specifically designed for indoor applications where analysis of wall, floor, and ceiling reflectances are critical. INPOINT allows lighted areas to have up to 441 grid points.

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New Programs & Updates

Elite Software is proud to announce the release of three new programs and significant updates to five existing ones. Listed below are the new programs and updates with descriptions.

New Programs

GASVENT - Sizes vents for Category I gas appliances. Handles both single and multi floor applications.

OUTPOINT - Outdoor Point by Point Lighting Design Program and replacement of our Fludware program.

INPOINT - Indoor Point by Point Lighting Design Program.

New Updates

CHVAC 5.00 - New reports for ASHRAE Standard 62 compliance. Fourth new calculation level especially for VAV box applications.

RHVAC 6.00 for Windows - This is a true Windows program and with full support of full Windows capabilities and features.

AUDIT 6.02 for Windows - Also a true Windows program. Works automatically with RHVAC and includes your choice of many appliance databases.

RHVAC 5.03 (DOS) - New support for ARI and GAMA equipment data files, Florida Energy Compliance, more hot keys, and new graphic logo screen.

AUDIT 5.01 (DOS) - New support for ARI and GAMA equipment data files, better furnace fan energy use, and more.

ECOORD 2.02 - Fuse handling improvements including I2T analysis, new support for electronic devices and more device setting options.

PSYCHART 1.40 - More colors, fonts, labels, units, and flow options, improved file handling and much more.

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