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Plumbing CAD Details

Building a Stronger Foundation

The consistent quality of your details sheets, job after job, can speak volumes about who you are as an engineer. Our Plumbing CAD Details package can help broaden the foundation from which you assemble your design drawings, and give you the edge that will set you apart from your competitors.




Plumbing Details are the most complete set of CAD plumbing details available on the market today. Unlike other CAD plumbing packages which have only details, plumbing Details includes standardized schedules, notes and symbols. Therefore, with this set of details, the plumbing Engineer has a strong foundation from which to assemble his design drawings. These ready-to-use plumbing CAD details are an excellent addition to your CAD drawings library and will save you many hours in drawing time.

Our plumbing CAD Detail files are .dwg files and are fully editable - they are also supported by most CAD programs on the market today.

Plumbing Details are not intended to be the sole source of information relied upon for the design of plumbing systems, but an aid. In preparing design drawings, the Engineer's judgment and experience should be the basis on which all decisions are made.

Drawing Titles


The following list shows the actual 170 CAD detail files included in the package.


Section 1 - Plumbing Fixtures & Equipment Details

Back-To-Back Floor Mounted Water Closet Detail

Single Floor Mounted Water Closet Detail

Back-To-Back Wall Hung Water Closet Detail

Single Wall Hung Water Closet Detail

Typical Bracket And Grinnel Ct-130r Support Detail For Water Closet And Urinal Flush Valves

Local Mixing Valve Detail

Grease Interceptor Detail

Grease Interceptor Detail Low-Boy Floor Type

Ice Maker Drainage Piping Detail

Commercial Dishwasher Drainage Piping Detail

Typical Cross-Section View Of A Trench Drain

Oil/Sand Interceptor Detail

Access Door Details

Floor Cleanout Detail

Well System Pressure Control Tank Detail

Submersible Well System Piping Detail

Single Head Drench Safety Shower

Floor Drain Trap Primer Detail

Washing Machine Box Detail

Grease Interceptor Detail

Sump Pump Radon Gas Vent Detail

Typical Oil Interceptor Installation Detail

Sand Interceptor For Use With Oil Interceptor Detail

Domestic Booster Pump (Vertical) Detail

Floor Sink Detail

Sump Pump Detail

Floor Drain Detail

In-Line Circulating Pump Detail

Sewage Lift Station Detail

Handicap Plumbing Fixture Installation

Safety Shower And Eye Wash Detail

Safety Shower Detail

Grease Recovery Unit Detail

Roof Drain Detail

Air Compressor Detail

Air Compressor Detail

Sewage Ejector System Detail

Sump Pump Detail

Sewage Ejector System Detail

Counter Mounted Emergency Eyewash Detail

Reverse Osmosis System Detail

Roof Drain Detail

Interior Wall Hydrant Detail

Film Processor Piping Detail

Sewage Ejector Detail

Section 2.0 - Piping Details

Plumbing Vent Through Pitched Roof Detail

Plumbing Vent Through Epdm Roof Detail

Plumbing Vent Through Flat Roof Detail

Gas Flue Through Roof With Vent Cap Detail

Medium To Low Pressure Gas Regulator Detail

Exterior Wall Sleeve Detail

Water Piping Routed Through Floor Joists With Unheated Space Below

Pipe Sleeve Through Floor Detail

Sanitary Waste Trap In Unheated Space Detail

Indirect Waste Drain Detail

Drip Pan Elbow Detail

Ceiling Mounted Water Heater Drain Detail

Domestic Water Pressure Reducing Station Detail

Cable Pipe Hanger Bracing Detail

Hubless Pipe Riser Brace Detail

Pipe Sleeve Through Floor Detail

Pipe Sleeve Through Existing Wall Detail

Pipe Sleeve Through Wall Detail

Pipe Sleeve Through Wall Detail

Roof Pipe Penetration Detail (Pre-Fab Curb)

Steam Vent Through Roof Detail

Typical Two Stage Pressure Regulating Station W/ By-Pass Detail

Copper Dielectric Wall Penetration Detail

Hub Drain With Funnel Detail

Typical Clevis Hanger Detail

Trap Primer Detail

Gas Connection To Equipment Detail

Water Shock Arrestor Detail

Cleanout Detail

Toilet Area Floor Drain

Mechanical Area Floor Drain

Water Closet Pipe Support Detail

Typical Rooftop Gas Piping Detail

Urinal Pipe Support Detail

Typical Di Water Loop Detail

Lav./Sink Pipe Support Detail

Water Closet Pipe Support Detail

Hose Reel For Compressed Air Detail

Non-Metallic Pipe Penetration Detail

Cast Iron/Copper Piping Penetration Detail

Copper Piping Penetration Detail

Copper Piping Penetration Detail

Cast Iron/Steel Piping Penetration Detail

Wall Bracket Pipe Hanger Detail

Beam Pipe Hanger

Standard C-Clamp Pipe Hanger

"U" Type Pipe Hanger

Clip Pipe Hanger

Stud Type Pipe Hanger

Lag End Pipe Hanger

Concrete Pipe Hanger

Pipe Riser Clamp Detail

Eye Rod Pipe Hanger

Pipe Support & Seismic Restraint Detail - Horizontal Piping

Vent Termination Through Wall

Fire/Domestic Water Incoming Serv. Riser

Pipe Riser Support Detail

Clean-Out To Grade

Wall Cleanout Detail

Pipe Support On Roof Detail

Roof Curb For Gas Line Penetration

Nitrogen Drop Detail

Typical Air And Nitrogen Station Detail

Pipe Support With Seismic Restraint Detail

Thrust Block Detail

Class "B" Trench - Pipe Bedding Classif.

Pipe Trench Detail

Water Meter Installation Detail

Pressure Reducing Station Detail

Water Piping Routed In Attic Detail

Pipe Sleeve Detail

Curb Box Detail

Gas Meter Detail

Radon Vent Detail


Section 3.0 - Water Heater Details

Gas Water Heater Detail

Gas Water Heater Detail (W/ Recirc. Loop)

Gas Fired Water Heater Detail

Water Heater Power Vent Detail

Lowboy Electric Water Heater Detail

Electric Water Heater Detail - Suspended From Ceiling/Roof Structure On Unistrut Supports

Electric Water Heater Detail

Water Heater Mounting Detail

Oil Fired Water Heater Detail

Amtrol Hot Water Maker Piping Detail

Piping Schematic For Multiple-Zone Hydronic/Domestic Water System

Water Heater Plus Vertical Storage Tank Detail

Boiler With Domestic Hot Water Heat Exchanger Detail

Standard Piping Arrangement Horizonal Hot Water Generator

Water Heater And Storage Tank Piping Flow Diagram

Electric Water Heater Piping Detail

Water Heaters Plus Vertical Storage Tank Detail

Domestic Hot Water Heat Exchanger Piping Diagram

Instantaneous Water Heater Detail

Domestic Hot Water Heating System With Horizontal Storage Tank Detail


Section 4.0 - Plumbing Schedules

Plumbing Fixture Schedule

Gas Fired Water Heater Schedule

Electric Water Heater Schedule

Plumbing Equipment Schedule

Water Hammer Arrestors Schedule

Pump Schedule

Drainage Fixture Unit Schedule

Piping Materials/Insulation Schedule

Water Fixture Unit Summary

Grease Recovery Unit Schedule



Section 5.0 - Plumbing Symbols

General Symbols

Plumbing Symbols

Reference Symbols

Line Designations

Piping Elements/Valving

Riser Designations


Equipment Abbreviations

Plumbing Reference Symbols

Piping Symbols

Plumbing Legend & Abbreviations

Piping, Valves, & Specialties Symbols

Piping System Symbols

Plumbing Symbols


Section 6.0 - Plumbing Notes

General Plumbing Notes

Plumbing Notes

General Notes

Natural Gas Piping Notes

General Lp Piping Notes

Plumbing Notes

General Plumbing Notes 



If you have questions about this CAD Details package feel free to call us for more information.

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