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May 5, 2009

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John Walsh continues to attract attention and praise for his dedication to customer satisfaction

HVACR Training Materials by Jim Johnson - Over 20 DVD videos, audios, and e-books teach HVACR service techniques

Chvac 7 - ASHRAE based load calc program links with HVAC Solution 5.0, LEED certified eQUEST energy program and imports gbXML files

HVAC Solution - HVAC schematic program new 5.0 release has new air handler wizard and links with Chvac, Taco, gbXML

Rhvac Update - Equipment pictures, Manual S support and basic sales proposals

Bill of Materials - New program that creates a bill of materials with estimated costs $295

GasVent - Helps you design ventilation systems for category 1 gas appliances. $195

Manual D Ductsize - Graphically calculates duct sizes $249

Proposal Maker - Low cost program creates custom graphic sales proposals $295

CAD Details for HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical $350 each

Electrical Tools - Performs 14 electrical design tasks $249

AutoCAD Links to Chvac, Ductsize, Fire, S-Pipe, and D-Pipe

H-Sym Update with new low cost hydraulic only calc feature
hydraulic analysis only version $495

Software Training - More companies, more training dates

Trade Show News - Comfortech September 2009

Lots of Free Software Updates


Dear Elite Software Customer,

Hope you are doing OK in this economic downturn. In these trying times, we all need to move towards efficiency and economy. Like woodcutters in a slow time, it's time to sharpen our axes. Consult with us for assistance in finding software solutions that let you do a better job, faster and cheaper to keep that competitive edge.

The major news items of this newsletter are the new HVACR training videos and the link between Elite's Chvac load calc program and the HVAC Solution schematic layout program for HVAC system design. This is especially useful for MEP consulting engineers. Additionally, the new Bill of Materials option to Rhvac allows contractors to know their costs, hone their bids, and win more jobs.

Click on any topic on the left to jump straight to the topic of most interest to you.

Be sure to check our web site at www.elitesoft.com for even more details. If you have questions, please feel free to call us at 800-648-9523.


Bill Smith

John Walsh - National Sales and Training Manager

Since being made National Sales and Training Manager, John Walsh continues to attract a lot of attention and praise for his dedication to customer satisfaction. Feel free to call him 24/7 at 859-468-6000 for free support or to arrange a training session. Keep up the good work, John!

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HVACR Training Materials by Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson, founder of Technical Training Associates in 1985 and well known author, designs the highest quality training curriculum and materials for HVAC technicians. These videos, e-books and other materials are presented as though youíre sitting in a workshop and learning what you need to know, not only from a theory perspective when necessary, but also from a nuts and bolts point-of-view. Jim uses real test equipment, real components, real operating equipment, and real field-related information on what youíre supposed to find if a component or system is okay, so you'll know when itís not okay.

Note the comprehensive list of 23 titles below. DVD videos range in price from $75 to just $25. And all e-books are just $20.


  Titles in Library Package
  Electrical Fundamentals for HVAC/R Technicians
  Refrigeration Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians
  Uncomplicating The Heat Pump: Electrical Systems Troubleshooting
  Uncomplicating The Heat Pump: Servicing Refrigeration & Air Flow Systems
  Using Schematics to Troubleshoot HVAC/R Electrical Circuits Part 1
  HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting: Deciding Where To Begin
  HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting: Component Testing
  Comfort Cooling Refrigeration System Troubleshooting
  Semi-Hermetic Compressors: Testing, Servicing and Isolating
  The Fundamentals of Control Transformers
  Understanding Compressor Motor Windings
  Understanding Fan Relays and Multiple Speed Motors
  Understanding Potential Relays and Start Capacitors
  Understanding TXV Refrigeration Systems: Superheat and Subcooling
  HVACR Category Flat Rate Price Guide
  DVD Library Package (you save $60) Includes all of the above videos
  Additional Video Titles
  Preparing For The EPA Refrigerant Recovery Exam
  Evaluating Refrigeration Systems: Troubleshooting & Identifying Problems
  Soldering & Brazing Refrigeration System Tubing
  Video Training Kits for Service Managers and Instructors
  HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting: Deciding Where To Begin
  HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting: Component Testing
  Video Training Kit Bundle (you save $39) Includes both of the above kits
  20 HVACR Troubleshooting Problems: Volume 1
  Servicing Commercial Refrigeration Equipment - Part 1
  Refrigeration Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians
  PEAK Performance For The Technical Professional
  Service Management Excellence
  Audio Presentations
  Peak Performance For The Technical Professional

Increase you and your staff’s skills with these affordable, high quality training materials. Do as so many HVAC contractors, major corporations, high schools, trade schools and colleges have done for 23 years: learn from Jim Johnson. See more details here.

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Chvac 7 Release Incorporates RTS, Links with HVAC Solution and eQUEST, Imports gbXML Files

Elite Software would like to remind you of the Chvac 7 release for commercial HVAC load calculations, which incorporates the new ASHRAE Radiant Time Series (RTS) calculation method along with retaining the CLTD method for use of comparisons. The new, sophisticated RTS method provides numerous improvements over previous calculation procedures such as TETD, CLTD, and TFM methods.

The primary benefit of the RTS method is improved accuracy because it factors in the delayed effect of radiant heat gains. In addition, RTS offers greater sensitivities to material properties as new inputs are provided for absorptance, emittance, and other factors known as Delta R and h (outside). These new inputs allow the designer to account for subtle changes in roof and wall sections that can significantly affect cooling loads.

Link to HVAC Solution Software
Chvac calculates a great deal of the data needed to define a system in the HVAC Solution schematic diagramming program. Traditionally, this data has simply been transferred using a manual entry process. Now, there is an automated process whereby HVAC Solution can import all the relevant Chvac data system by system into the HVAC Solution software such that HVAC schematic diagrams are automatically generated. See a video demo of this process here and view more details on HVAC Solution in the section below.

Link to LEED Certified eQUEST Energy Analysis Software
Chvac 7 also links with the popular FREE energy analysis program called eQUEST. eQUEST is often used on projects requiring LEED certification. An article discussing eQUEST by Tom Hudson entitled, "Building Simulation for LEED, EQc2 Credit," appeared on page 58 of the September 2007 issue of the ASHRAE Journal. This article can also be downloaded for a small fee from this ASHRAE web site link. Download your free copy of eQUEST here: http://www.energydesignresources.com/Resources/SoftwareTools/eQUEST.aspx

gbXML Support
The most recent major new feature added to Chvac 7 was the ability to import and export data to an AutoCAD drawing using the gbXML file exchange system. Any CAD package such as AutoCAD MEP or Revit that supports gbXML file data exchange can pass floor plan data such as room, wall, and glass dimensions to Chvac. Chvac gives you extensive control over the import process, including the ability to select which spaces, walls and windows to include in the import. The import dialog also lets you select default definitions for each kind of master material in the project. Chvac can also export data back into the gbXML file (something many competitive products cannot do) so that important results such as HVAC loads and CFM values can be placed into the CAD drawing. Other HVAC load calculation programs have gbXML support, but none do it nearly as well as Chvac.

For a complete list of all the new Chvac 7 features please visit this page. Current users of Chvac version 6 can upgrade to Chvac 7 for only $195 plus shipping. Call 800-648-9523 to order or go online at our order page to place your order.

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HVAC Solution

HVAC Solution is a schematic diagramming and database tool for laying out the equipment involved in an HVAC system. A complex HVAC system often involves one or more chillers, boilers, cooling towers, numerous air handlers, fans, coils, pumps and more. All of these air flow and hydronic items have to be carefully selected and coordinated with one another. HVAC Solution lets you drag detailed icons of these components and place them on the page and then connect them with schematic pipe lines. Each of the components contains performance and sizing data that is maintained with the component.

More than just drawing pretty pictures, HVAC Solution is also an intelligent database. All pertinent data can be entered and maintained through pop-up forms for every component in the system. Once connected together, each component automatically communicates information back and forth to the other components. This allows the software to guide the designer on making sure the components are matched up and coordinated correctly. As the system diagram and database is being built, all the data is being updated and saved for quick retrieval or sharing with other applications.

The end result is that you have full color presentation quality hydronic and airflow schematics as well as equipment schedules for construction documents and drawings.

A new feature of HVAC Solution is the ability to import the ASCII spreadsheet file that Elite's Chvac program creates. The importation of the ASCII file automatically creates, with very little user input required, an air handler schematic and a separate heating and cooling schematic per system for a Chvac project. The automatic creation of these schematics is a great time saver and makes Chvac and HVAC Solution an excellent complementary set of software design tools to have in your arsenal.

Try out the functional demo of HVAC Solution by downloading it free from our website. The demo does everything the full version does except with limitations on the equipment schedule and project filename. HVAC Solution is the only program of its kind in the world and it sells for $1799. Click here for more details.

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Rhvac - Manual D Duct Sizing, Equipment Selection and Proposals

Rhvac is well known as an ACCA Manual J HVAC load calculation program. But did you know that it also includes a complete Manual D Duct Analysis and the ability to do equipment selection and create a nice basic sales proposal?

The free built-in Manual D analysis is built into Rhvac as the Duct Static Pressure Loss Calculator. This is not to be confused with the new Drawing Board based Manual D Ductsize module described later.

The free built-in Manual D Duct calculator differs from the new Manual D Ductsize (MDD) module ($249) in that it only calculates from a tabular manual data entry whereas MDD calculates from drawings made with Elite's Drawing Board program. Both of these Manual D tools let you calculate the total duct system pressure drop accounting for all duct and fitting losses. Optimal sizes of each duct section are calculated as well. And for those doing projects where there is the possibility of the house being built in any orientation, there is also a new Building Rotation Duct Size report that shows the maximum possible size that any duct might need to be sized to.

Rhvac has long had the ability to select equipment from AHRI data. But now it also has the ability to display equipment pictures as well. These pictures appear both in the System Equipment Data report and also on the new Quick Sales Proposal report that Rhvac now offers. Another new feature is the ability to show that equipment was selected with ACCA Manual S procedure as seen here.

Both Manual J and Manual S are now included in the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC). Chapter 14 of the IRC, Heating and Cooling Equipment: M1401.3 Sizing. Heating and cooling equipment shall be sized in accordance with ACCA Manual S based on building loads calculated with ACCA Manual J or other approved heating and cooling methodologies.

With Manual J load calcs, Manual D duct sizing, equipment selection, and basic sales proposals, Rhvac is a tremendous value at $495. Current users of Rhvac version 8 can obtain a free update by downloading the Rhvac update from this web page. Rhvac 8 users can also obtain a new CDROM for $30 plus shipping. The update cost for Rhvac 6 users to Rhvac 8 is $195 plus shipping. Call 800-648-9523 to order or go online to our order page to place your order.

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Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials is an add-on program used from within Elite's Rhvac program to create and fully customize any kind of bill of materials report you want, complete with material and labor cost estimates. BOM has tremendous flexibility in that it can work with numerous supply house parts databases and allow for complex part assembly items as well.

When used with Rhvac, Drawing Board and Manual D Ductsize, BOM also provides an automatic ductwork takeoff. It gives you complete control over all aspects of the bill of materials appearance. You can choose a layout that shows only certain columns of data and turns off all the rest. You can select which colors to use, how to group the parts, etc., and can save your custom layout options for use in future projects.

Other advanced features include the ability to add quoted items and services and as many custom parts as you want, either as one-time parts for only the current project's bill of materials or in your database so you can use the parts again later. BOM also let's you enter both the cost and sale price for your labor rates. BOM optionally shows cost per pound, cost per area, and cost per gauge for all ductwork items. Optionally, you can group ductwork items based on duct material, gauge, or shape (or any combination). You can also apply sales taxes to material and/or labor on a part by part basis. It lets you create part assemblies and even nested assemblies that reference other assemblies. Bill of Materials is very flexible and full featured so that project cost estimates are fast and accurate.

Try out the functional demo of Bill of Materials within the latest version of Rhvac. The BOM program is just $295. BOM is great for quickly obtaining an accurate material and labor cost estimate so that you can win bids and still make a profit. Click here for more details on BOM.

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GasVent quickly calculates the correct vent sizes for Category 1 gas powered appliances. The program is designed to be simple and easy to use by both contractors and designers. It is very graphical and especially easy to use. Recent advances in technology have improved the average furnace efficiency to over 80%. These new mid and high efficiency furnaces can cause significant condensation in the vent. If a flue gas vent is either oversized, undersized, or of the wrong material, there is a high probability that corrosive condensate will cause pitting which will ultimately result in the failure of the vent pipe. The failure of a vent pipe can be deadly because the building occupants could be subjected to carbon monoxide poisoning. Besides gas poisoning, there are many other hazards from improperly designed vents. Masonry chimneys can collapse from the acid in the condensate dissolving the mortar between bricks and possibly causing a fire. Condensate can accumulate back at the furnace and cause severe rusting. There are so many potential problems with incorrect venting that all contractors should make every effort to do the job right. GasVent is a great help in vent design.

Calculation Method
The calculation method used by GasVent complies with the National Fuel Gas Code published by NFPA and the International Fuel Gas Code published by ICC. All output results produced by GasVent can be easily verified by hand to conform with results from the NFGC and IFGC vent tables.

Try out the functional demo of GasVent by downloading it free from our website. The demo does everything the full version does except with limitations on the appliance sizes. GasVent is only $195. Click here for more details.

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Manual D Ductsize

Manual D Ductsize is a fast and simple program used from within Elite's Rhvac and Drawing Board programs* for graphically sizing and analyzing HVAC duct systems using ACCA's Manual D procedures. Both supply and return duct systems can be entered in the same project. Return-side duct system losses are automatically accounted for when calculating the supply-side duct system. A built-in Fitting Selector dialog displays drawings of hundreds of ACCA duct fittings. Optimal duct sizes are calculated for both round and rectangular duct sizes and all types of duct materials are accounted for.

With Manual D Ductsize, you simply drag and drop a few duct objects onto the Drawing Board drawing window, tell it to automatically create your runout ducts, and click the Resize menu. The program will then automatically assign the CFM values to each duct based on the load calculation results, calculate all the duct sizes, redraw all the ducts at their proper width or diameter, and calculate all the pressure losses.

Try out the functional demo of Manual D Ductsize within the latest version of Rhvac. It does everything the full version does with a limit of six trunk and six runout ducts. Manual D Ductsize is a great value at just $249. Click here for more details or watch the video demo at this web page to see this new program in action.

*You must have active licenses for both Rhvac and Drawing Board to use Manual D Ductsize.

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Proposal Maker

Proposal Maker is a fast and flexible program used from within Elite's Rhvac and Energy Audit programs for creating highly graphic professional sales proposals and other sales related documents. It has recently been updated to make it super easy to work with pictures while also adding a spell checker and thesaurus. But more than just a word processor or publishing program, the main advantage of Proposal Maker is that it creates proposals automatically from equipment selection and cost comparison results obtained from Elite’s Energy Audit and Rhvac programs. As equipment is selected and compared, key results such as savings and payback amounts are automatically pasted in both text and graphic form into the proposal. Additionally, pictures of the equipment being proposed can be shown as well. There is also provision for inserting your own pictures into a proposal such as a picture of the old unit that will be replaced or a picture of who will install the unit.

Proposal Maker comes with many ready to use proposal formats, but you can create any number of new custom formats. Besides proposal letters, Proposal Maker can also import multiple file formats, enabling you to print numerous support documents such as copies of customer referral letters, rebate forms, and credit applications, and even factory literature can be printed for the proposed products! In this way, a very persuasive packet of information can be delivered to the customer. The proposal documents can be printed and delivered in full color or they can be created as PDF files and e-mailed directly to the customer right from Proposal Maker. Dramatically increase your sales with Proposal Maker!

Try out the functional demo of Proposal Maker within the latest versions of Rhvac or Energy Audit. It does everything the full version does except print reports. Proposal Maker at only $295 does much more than similar programs priced much higher. Click here for more details.

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Four CAD Detail Packages just $350 each

HVAC CAD Details, Plumbing CAD Details, Fire Protection Details, and now the newest addition, Electrical CAD Details, are a great addition to your drawing library. These are fully editable .dwg files that can be used with virtually any CAD package. Unlike other CAD packages which have only standard details, these details packages include standardized schedules, notes and symbols. For a complete listing and sample detail drawings of the newest release see the Electrical CAD Details web page. See also the Plumbing CAD Details, the HVAC Details, and the Fire Protection Details packages.

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Electrical Tools

Electrical Tools (E-Tools) is a handy utility program that provides 14 common electrical calculation and data look-up tasks. These tasks include wire sizing, conduit sizing, motor equipment sizing, panel sizing, lighting requirements (in metric or English units), current to power conversion, Ohm's Law calculator, capacitor sizing for power factor correction, voltage drop, short circuit, and the quick look-up of many electrical formulas and conversion factors. Results are instantly displayed on the screen as data is entered. See more details and download a functional demo at the E-Tools description web page.

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AutoCAD MEP Links to Chvac, Ductsize, Fire, S-Pipe, and D-Pipe

Autodesk, the makers of the popular AutoCAD drafting software, has released a new software package called AutoCAD MEP 2009 (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing). The MEP package provides architectural drawing features along with the ability to draw HVAC ductwork, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems.

Besides advanced drawing capabilities, a major benefit of MEP is that it provides links to five of Elite Software's programs: Chvac, Ductsize, Fire, S-Pipe, and D-Pipe. Each of these Elite programs can receive data from a drawing done with MEP, perform calculations, and send appropriate sizing data back to the drawing.

All levels of Chvac, S-Pipe, and D-Pipe have MEP link capabilities, but only the Static Regain version of Ductsize and the 1,000 sprinkler capacity version of Fire have this new MEP link capability. Users having a license for the Equal Friction version of Ductsize or lower sprinkler capacity versions of Fire should contact our sales department to inquire on the cost to upgrade to MEP compatible versions. Those of you who don't own those programs, but would like to investigate further should download demos of those programs from Elite's web site, www.elitesoft.com.

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H-Sym (Hydraulic Analysis Only Version) - Just $495

H-Sym is a program for modeling chilled and hot water HVAC piping systems. The full version of H-Sym for $995 performs both a hydraulic analysis with flows, velocities, and pressures, and a thermal analysis such that all entering and leaving water and air temperatures are calculated. It is this thermal analysis capability that sets H-Sym apart from all its competitors.

However, the thermal analysis also requires many additional inputs that designers sometimes do not want to deal with if they are interested in just a hydraulic analysis to see if desired flow rates can be achieved with the given pipe and pump sizes. A hydraulic only analysis is much easier for a program to solve, so that is why it only costs $495.

The hydraulic only analysis differs from the full analysis in that the goal of the software is to achieve desired flow rates for the given pipe network and flow control valves. In the full analysis version of H-Sym, the primary goal is to achieve the desired air temperatures with the given water temperatures. Flow rates are adjusted to achieve the air temperature goal. The full analysis version of H-Sym thus performs both a hydraulic and thermal analysis of a chilled/hot water piping system.

If the hydraulic only analysis version of H-Sym is purchased for $495, the full analysis version can be obtained at any later time by just paying the difference in price ($500). See the H-Sym description web page for more details and to download a functional demo of H-Sym. Existing H-Sym users need a new .wef file to use the new release of H-Sym, which can be requested free of charge by e-mailing sales@elitesoft.com.

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Software Training

Six companies located in different areas of the United States offer training on Elite Software programs. The companies are listed below in order of the number of years they have offered Elite Software products. Note the main contact name for each company and a summary of their company's capabilities. Each of these companies will travel if needed, and some of them already have a schedule of training seminars. Some of the companies also offer low cost web based training. See their respective web sites for details.

  • Training for the Trades (TftT)
    Fort Wright, KY
    888-300-2268 (toll-free)
    Training for the Trades web page
    Contact: John Walsh
    As a full time national trainer for Elite Software, John Walsh can train on Rhvac, Chvac, Manual D Ductsize, Drawing Board, Energy Audit, and more. Besides onsite training, John can also provide low cost training using the Internet where his computer is linked with your computer and he takes you through the software just as if he were standing by your side. Full voice communication is supported and you and John can take turns exercising the software. Any onsite training provided by TftT for Rhvac, Chvac, and Ductsize is recognized by NATE for credit towards continuing education hours. John also accepts telephone support calls on Rhvac, Drawing Board, Manual Ductsize and Bill of Materials 24/7 at 859-468-6000.

  • Calcs Plus
    Venice, FL
    Calcs Plus web page
    Contact: Dennis Stroer
    Dennis Stroer is a Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) expert and a frequent speaker at national RESNET conferences for HERS professionals. Dennis is especially proficient at using Elite's Rhvac program in conjunction with HERS related software such as REM/Rate and the Energy Gauge software. Being based in Florida, Dennis knows all the requirements HVAC contractors in Florida must meet to install and replace HVAC systems in that highly regulated state. Dennis and his staff are especially knowledgeable on using Rhvac, Chvac, Manual D Ductsize, Energy Audit, and Drawing Board.

  • Tradewinds Appropriate Technologies
    Waco, TX 254-799-1326
    Tradewinds web page
    Contact: Pat Chesney
    Tradewinds can train on Rhvac, Chvac, Manual D Ductsize, Drawing Board, and Energy Audit. They are also quite proficient on Home Energy Rating Systems as well.

  • Pro Trac Inc.
    Ormond Beach, Florida
    Protrac web page
    Contact: Len Gaspary
    Len is well versed on all the Florida state regulations required of contractors and engineers in using software to obtain permits. Len can train on Rhvac, Chvac, Manual D Ductsize, Drawing Board, and Energy Audit.

  • Comfort Institute
    Bellingham, Washington
    Comfort Institute web page
    Contact: Ken Summers
    Provides training on all aspects of indoor comfort design.

  • Green Energy Solutions
    Houston, Texas
    Green Energy Solutions web page
    Contact: Gary C. Lewis
    Gary is a RESNET certified HERS rater and an Energy Star Partner. Gary can train on Rhvac, Chvac, Manual D Ductsize, Drawing Board, and Energy Audit.

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Upcoming Trade Shows

2009 HVAC Comfortech in Nashville, Tennessee
Don't let any good ideas go to waste! We're looking forward to the 2009 HVAC Comfortech tradeshow on September 23rd to 26th, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee. Hope to see you there.

If you aren't able to make it by our booth at any of the upcoming shows and would like additional information on our products, click here. If you would like to send us your comments and program suggestions, click here. Don't let any good ideas go to waste!

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Lots of Free Software Updates

Numerous Elite Software programs have received incremental updates that current users of the software can download for free from Elite's web site. Programs that have received significant free corrections and enhancements include Rhvac, Chvac, Drawing Board, Refrig, Energy Audit, Fire, and E-Tools. Many other programs have received small updates as well so please check your version numbers against the current program versions numbers. You can check version numbers and download free updates from our program updates web page.

Notice that you can sign up to be automatically notified when your programs are updated.

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