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Rhvac - Calculate Manual J heating and cooling loads for residential buildings.

Drawing Board - Draw floor plans from within Chvac and calculate loads from them automatically.

Manual D Ductsize - Graphically design residential duct systems from within Rhvac and Drawing Board.

Bill of Materials - Automatically generate parts list with ductwork takeoff from Manual D Ductsize.

Proposal Maker - Create professional sales proposals and other documents linked to calculation results.

Energy Audit - Analyze building energy usage and operating costs.

GasVent - Design venting systems for Category 1 gas appliances.

Testimonials About HVACR Training Materials

The following are actual testimonials about Jim Johnson's HVACR technician training DVDs and other materials.

"I just wanted to call to say thanks. I got your Electrical Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians and Using Schematics DVD’s and they really helped me understand electrical troubleshooting." -Minnesota

"I want every program you’ve got by Jim Johnson." -Canada

"Your DVD really brought it all together for me." -California (Trade School Student)

"I just got one of your DVD programs and I like it very much. Please send a price quote so I can order your bundle." -Ireland (HVACR Instructor)

"I don’t know how you managed to get that much information into a two-hour program. I use it throughout our entire electrical fundamentals semester." -Wisconsin (HVAC Instructor)

"Your schematics DVD goes at a really fast pace, but I can always pause, go back, and see it over again." -California

"I'll tell you now that your training modules are an excellent review for technicians in the field as well as those of us who are stuck behind a desk!" -Certified Mechanical Contractor, Florida

"Your DVD’s are just excellent, man. I really learned a lot from them." -Ohio

"We use your stuff to supplement our in-house training program. They work." -Florida (Service Manager)

"I want to congratulate you on your DVD's. It's like having you as my personal trainer. I make money because of you." -North Carolina

"Talk about helpful! I'm a visual learner, and your DVD's not only make it easier for me to understand what I'm reading in the book I'm studying on HVACR, they make me much more comfortable about knowing what to do when I'm troubleshooting." -Mobile, Alabama (Apartment Maintenance Technician)


Technical schools also send letters about how they use Jim's DVD programs as a supplement to their HVACR technician training program.

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